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  • Over 1.5 million people in Namibia live without access to safely managed sanitation.


    This problem is getting worse.

    The Problem.

    Flushh is focusing on building a circular sanitation economy for schools in underserved communities.


    We believe that this is where we can have the highest impact, with the greatest knock-on effects on other SDGs.

    The Solution.

  • Innovative Waterless Toilets

    Flushh is an innovator and manufacturer of affordable eco-toilets which improve access to sanitation for schools in underserved communities.


    Through the container-based sanitation approach, we provide the best solution for schools in remote areas.

    Safe containment, secure collection, transport of toilet resources, and finally transformation into valuable by products such as biochar.

    1. Containment

    2. Collection

    3. Transport

    4. Transformation

  • What's next?

    1. Piloting the process of turning toilet resources into biochar through the process of pyrolysis.


    2. Iterating on our model to test the financial and technical viability of our circular economy solution.


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    Our Impact.

    1. 945,000 estimated litres of water saved.


    2. $1,271.00 USD saved by local government in sanitation costs.


    source: One Young World Impact Report 2021
  • Everyone Deserves Affordable and Adequate Sanitation.